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Who is tracking you online? The BIG Brothers? So many of them?

First I read about this firefox addon called Collusion at Gzimodo. This addon enables us to watch, how we are getting tracked using our own browser. Internet privacy is a widely talked about issue, however we have a little tangible understanding on how it works or how it effects us individually or as a society.… Continue reading Who is tracking you online? The BIG Brothers? So many of them?

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Random Heart beat

Heart beat is your new encryption key! According to New Scientist every ones heartbeats in a very unique rhythm. It is so unique that there is no chancing of you beating the same beat twice. An electrocardiograph (ECG) would know the difference. They shall probably use your bit to create a secret key. This is… Continue reading Random Heart beat

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Microsoft Store India has been hacked! So did your Password!!!

Password! Password!! Password!!! What is worse then having a week password? Storing your password in clear text. Fortunately/Unfortunately It is nothing to do with you. WP Sauce reports an attack took place yesterday, with the EvilShadow team replacing the front page to Microsoft’s online India store with a page called evil.html. The site is still… Continue reading Microsoft Store India has been hacked! So did your Password!!!

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Originally posted on Watts Up With That?:
This seems like an eco-dream come true, a car the runs on air developed in India. I’ve seen stories on this since 2008, but have yet to see the car hit market. Now the claim is in August 2012. I don’t think you’ll see IPCC chairman Rajenda Pachauri…

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An Introduction to Moodle for business:

Moodle can be used in many types of environments such as in a learning delivery tool in educational institutes, and for business settings  as a community and collaboration tool, can be used for compliance and training. The modular design of Moodle allows it to address wider range of business issues then other most closed source… Continue reading An Introduction to Moodle for business:

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Lite field camera LYTRO

This camera probably is one of those amazing product shall wow us all. Not un-useful as 3D cameras. Can’t wait to get my hands on them.  

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Megaupload Shutdown, Anonymous Strikes Back

The largest criminal copyright cases on Internet piracy has seized the Web site Megaupload and charged seven people connected with it. Anonymous strikes back on Megaupload Revange.  The hacker collective that calls itself Anonymous attacked the Web sites of the Justice Department, Universal Music, Record Label EMI,  French copyright authority HADOPI , FBI, and several major entertainment companies and trade groups in… Continue reading Megaupload Shutdown, Anonymous Strikes Back