Resume: Saad Faruque

Career Objective:

Having over 16 years of working experience In ICT; I work on implanting technology to improve organizations business process, which I continue doing. I prefer innovative approach, get the most out of technology and add to the business.I enjoy managing ICT infrastructures in growing enterprises.

Industries I work in: IT Service, Education, Banking, ISPs, online retailer, NGO, etc.

 Techno Managerial Profile:

I demonstrate leadership, organizational, communication and project management skills in my line of work. Management practices I leverage in my line of work:

  • With the proper understanding of the business process, I use technology to automate, support and improve business process
  • Supervise and motivate technical team and by demonstrating strong working knowledge; Promoting teamwork
  • Successful work/role delegation by training and team performing monitoring
  • Passion for Techno-management by taking ownership with high degree of integrity and work ethics
  • Implementation of professional development programs to create resource backup team sustainability and staff motivation
  • By analyzing and understanding business needs I do future planning, technology budgeting and procurement control
  • Effective communication with good negotiation and presentation skills
  • Appropriate resource allocation, time management, planning, focused to the goal and meeting deadline
  • Use critical thinking and problem solving skills to find solutions and troubleshooting
  • Preparing/refining system policies and procedures


 Technology Profile:

I work and demonstrate planning, implementation, integration and troubleshooting skills in the following technology area:

  • Enterprise applications: implement enterprise applications for business for core business process (ERP type application) also to implement supporting system for sub-processes with document management system, learning management system, customer relationship management system, unified messaging and communication systems, data center management systems etc.
  • Data center: virtualization, SAN, system monitoring, environment monitoring and control, power backup and redundancy, system backup and recovery, server and service monitoring technology
  • Server: directory service(ldap/ads), radius, operating system and core services: OS: Windows and Linux, update management, enterprise antivirus, Internet proxy
  • Network: LAN Switching, Advanced routing, bandwidth control, firewall, NAT, web content filtering, wireless network
  • Business communication and Collaboration: with Email, task, calendar sharing, document sharing systems and VoIP with video calls, IM, File and print sharing
  • Others skills: PHP and Bash scripting; security and network analysis tools for system auditing and network troubleshooting, web servers, database management, mail server, spam and virus control, SSH, VPN. I also work on technical content creation, Search engine optimization and web marketing
  • Brief list of areas I worked earlier in my career, skills might not be current: OS: FreeBSD, Sun Solaris and MS Windows (NT, 2000); Networking: PPPoE, VSAT (Satellite link), DVB over IP, frame relay, Internet Dial-up Systems over PSTN using PPP; Point to point Radio equipments; Other services: SAMBA, legacy webmail systems Internet relay chat (ircd), chat room bots; Server Hardware: IBM netfinity, eSerice. Dell Business servers, CISCO: entry level Routes and Switch, Programming: C++ and Pascal.

Professional Experience:

Head of Solutions Development, Xeo InfoSoft Pvt. Ltd.     (May 2013 to Current)

Xeo ( is an Open Source software service company, caters to some leading Indian business. As a co-founder, of Xeo, I managed many business aspects of it.

Presently working as a solution development head, where I create business software solutions for various business verticals


IT Manager, Stonehill International School        (Aug 2008 to May 2013) , IB world school (scale: 1000 users, 300 stations and 500 mobile clients)

I was responsible for Direct and manage IT systems and operation for the institution. I also did the initial IT infrastructure implementation project of this project. My management work included, Technical team building and management, Technology planning and budgeting, setting up IT policy and guidelines.

Technology and software used in the School: Windows and Linux OS, tire three data centre with virtualization and storage, redundant LAN serving, voice (IP-PBX), data, CCTV, PA, unified messaging, systems monitoring, san storage, viertualization and backup-recovery, Helpdesk management (OTRS), knowledgebase (phpMyFAQ), systems-security management, enterprise antivirus, internet content filtering, school management system, learning management system etc.


IT Consultant, Council of International Schools     (Oct 2007- Aug 2008)

Worked for CIS ( as a consultant to Stonehill International School project (See Stonehill description).

 IT Manager, International School Dhaka     (Aug 2005- Aug 2008), IB world school (scale 800 users, 300 stations and 500 mobile clients)

I worked to re-design and deploy their network, computers and server infrastructure. Also managed the project of implementing their School management system, Learning management system, wireless network, IP CCTV system.

My management work included, Technical team building and management, Technology planning and budgeting, setting up IT policy and guidelines

 Head of Network Operations Center. ISP, MTL BD     (2004-2005)  

Internet service provider  (scale 2,000 clients, 4 point of presence)

While working in MTL BD, I was responsible for managing their server systems for network distribution and other services as well as their network operation. Their service included both Broad band and Dial-up. I help them with building and managing technical team.

One of my key initiatives for MTL BD was to, deploy citywide fiber optic backbone and provide city wide internet service for Dhaka, Bangladesh

Network Administrator,  Brack Bank Ltd.     (2002 – 2004)

Senior Officer, IT Department, BRAC Bank Limited 12 brunches, 600 users, 400 workstations)

I worked as the key systems and network administrator for the banks data-center at that time. Brack bank being the first local online bank, I was one of the key members to deploy its online operation and inter brunch network connectivity

Technologies and software worked on: Windows NT, Linux, NT Directory service, system backup, email system and Lotus domino

Wireless link; DDN; routing, link redundancy and firewall with CISCO PIX,

 My early career 1998-2002*

 Founding Systems Administrator (2000 – 2002)


ISP division of Tetterode (BD) Ltd. (Internet service provider)


Systems Administrator (2000 – 2002)

Neural Systems Ltd, Bangladesh (training institute)


Support engineer (2002)

Mitsui & Co. Ltd. Bangladesh (Japanese Consultancy)


Support Engineer(trainee) (1998 – 1999)

Tetterode (Bangladesh) Ltd.

Dhaka, Bangladesh (Publishing and printing equipment)


Vendor Certification and Training Programs Undertaken

Certifications: RHCE (2006), CCNA (2004), RHCT (2004), MCSE, (2002),



With my interest in technology I occasionally edit technical books. Recently I worked on Moodle 2.5 Multimedia ( and presently working on Moodle 2.6 Moodle 2.6 ELearning Course Development (


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