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LG Ultra HD TV Prank – End Of The World Job Interview [Meteor Explodes]


If not anything else we should raise our voice for Palestinian people and to find a solution

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Google gets Sparrow

CEO of Sparrow Dom Leca is very excited about joining with Google.. are u? If you have used it before you would know it’s a MAC email client, also works on iOS platform. Probably the only other app I would use after Outlook or MFE. It could be good news for windows and android users… Continue reading Google gets Sparrow

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Kim Dotcom Sings, creating history!

He is out and kicking and making some noise which sounds kinda cool, see it yourself. War is not over yet, looks like he is ready for a fight too. I was never a big fan of online file vaults/cyberlockers. I like torrent better, but then looks like very body else like to have a… Continue reading Kim Dotcom Sings, creating history!

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5 fascinating cars of the future and the “Kid”

Starting my life in late 70s I was grew up watching TV series like knight rider. The kid from Knight rider was “the car of the future” and I guess it will always be like that. The car that can talk! Can drive by its self, Jump (fly!!) and go through anything, almost indestructible. Yet… Continue reading 5 fascinating cars of the future and the “Kid”

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Ouya! The next XBOX

As I write this blog I see them in kickstarter, 29 days to go and already got over 500k USD over of their target. That is fast! Build to have Android running on it makes the possibilities limitless. Games, apps, streaming or just watch tv… and open hack able platform shall probably give birth to… Continue reading Ouya! The next XBOX

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Open Source Hardware! Build your own design you can touch and interact

Open source software was born when software started to become expensive. All you needed was hardware and a complier and a group of people who was willing to share their work for free to the world provided code stays free in its re-distribution. We have come a long way since that first day. Today we… Continue reading Open Source Hardware! Build your own design you can touch and interact