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Who is tracking you online? The BIG Brothers? So many of them?

First I read about this firefox addon called Collusion at Gzimodo. This addon enables us to watch, how we are getting tracked using our own browser. Internet privacy is a widely talked about issue, however we have a little tangible understanding on how it works or how it effects us individually or as a society.… Continue reading Who is tracking you online? The BIG Brothers? So many of them?

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Impossible bottle

One of my Impossible collection, A ship sailing in the sky and greeneries in the sky Impossible list

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Tree house

IMG_1738.jpg, a photo by Saad Faruque on Flickr. Tree house at the hilltop, looking over hills and forest. Amazing weekend at Wayand

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What Is SOPA? SOPA protest

You probably know about SOPA after today. Many influential sites like Reddit, Wikipedia, WordPress, flicker are participating in a protest. you probably would have notice many of this site are having a partial, user optional or complete blackout. SOPA is an anti-piracy bill working its way through Congress, On Jan 24th, Congress will vote to pass internet… Continue reading What Is SOPA? SOPA protest

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One Second Video

Its amazing how much  we and feel in a second, how it takes me to a different world. Surely better than all the cigarette or coffee i can have in a day. Seconds Of Beauty – 1st round compilation from The Beauty Of A Second on Vimeo. “One-Second Film Festival proves video can convey a… Continue reading One Second Video

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Metallica 2011

Metallica 2011 public, a set on Flickr. The biggest concert I have ever been to! over 25,000 people at palace ground, Bangalore. Wanted to attend their concert, since I was 16. Like a Dream come true to me, living in Asia..

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Colorful life!

Saad, a photo by Saad Faruque on Flickr.

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The binary day 3.3.3 or 63

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IMG_0533.jpg, a photo by Saad Faruque on Flickr. On the way to Ooty

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Hello world!

Hello word! Today is the day I  start working on my website! It is time for me to publish my portfolio and my work, also a little bit of blogging when I can 🙂