About Saad Faruque


First of all thank you for visiting my BLOG, My Name is Saad Faruque. I am an IT consultant, presently working  with Xeo InfoSoft (http://xeois.com).

What works for me?

I do IT Systems design and implementation mostly using Open Source software, for different industry vertical. Technology area I work on includes Learning Management System, Document management systems, Help desk management, IP PBX for business and call center. I also can help with visualization, storage, networking, backup. systems monitoring etc. with Open Sorouce software.

My technology background with long management experience places me a unique position to understand business needs

I also am associated with education industry for many years. I work with educators and help them run a technology based learning delivery environment.

The road…

I enjoy working with information technology;something I would do even if it did not bring my bread. I have accrued most of my skills initially from pure interest and curiosity eventually added with work I had to do for others. I started working at the age of 19, helped a publishing house with their film printers and scanner, setup a computer network for a training institute, Did a technical setup for a dial-up Internet Service Provider and worked as their Systems administrator. I eventually got my self into working with a bank and educational institutes.

Recently I founded a software service business with a friend (http://xeois.com). I work there as a Solution developer.

What else interests me…

In my free time I read books and follow subject matters like, business creation and entrepreneurship, cognitive physiology, quantum mechanics and field theory, astrophysics etc. I enjoy following updates on gadgets and computing technology.

I enjoy traveling, trekking, photography, Alternative and Rock music. Recently got my first scuba diving lesson, looking for interesting spots to dive near where I live.

Thanks again for stopping by and reading about me!

Feel free to contact me at faruque@gmail.com for any technology consultancy and integration planning or anything you think I can help you with! 🙂


7 thoughts on “About Saad Faruque

  1. Thank you for visiting my blog and for liking my prose work! I look forward to reading your work. In the meantime, happy writings!

  2. Thank you for following my blog and showing me what you like. My Essay 2, one of your “like”s, (autobiographical fiction) is coming up next week in installments. I hope you will like the first part and continue reading the rest. As for your blog: I have already been informing myself with your beautifully set project here and look forward to finding more time to read much more from it. Very informative texts, indeed.

  3. I truly appreciate you stopping by my blog site and showing what you like about my posts (the Greek philosophers apparently were quite an inviting aspect; it pleases me to see you, too, are fond of their statements of wisdom.) Having said all this, I want you to know I feel somewhat embarrassed for not having been able to acquaint myself much more with your work. I am teaching a Summer Intensive, a responsibility that takes a significant part of my days, every day, multiple hours a day. Once this teaching duty is completed, I am going to be happy to visit your blog -the very nice way you have been, with mine. In the meantime, my best wishes for your continued success in blogging.

  4. How to work with tools like adb and fastboot on your android device (installations of Drivers and tools
    Hi Saad
    I read with interest your above guide on adb and fastboot

    I bricked my phone, getting now rather frustrated and wonder if u have the time to offer some advice
    I paste below a posting from some bulletin board I subscribed to, for some help. Maybe you can assist me?

    About your post in “lazy flasher zip file”
    I read yr post 29.10.17 – see below – and you seem to say with some authority I need not flash Lazy flasher after after twrp flashing miui_HM4AGlobal_V9.2.6.0.NCCMIEK_3552ea4023_7.1.zip to my Redmi 4a (Codename ROLEX, I believe), because it is a MIUI based rom.
    My bootloader is UNLOCKED and the TWRP flashing of miui_HM4AGlobal_V9.2.6.0.NCCMIEK_3552ea4023_7.1.zip was SUCCESSFUL (as per TWRP).
    Tried for the past 4 days to revive android in this Redmi 4a, but to no avail.
    FYI., I can get into Fastboot and TWRP.
    Any guidance to my email “kuw@bigpond.com” (I am in Australia) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    00:23, Oct-29-2017 | From Redmi Note 4X
    You have to flash Lazy Flasher only if you are flashing any custon rom like Lineage OS, RR, ViperOS etc not needed in MIUI or MIUI based custom roms.

    15:12, Mar-07-2018

    are you able to access Fastboot mode or not?
    16:34, Mar-07-2018

    Tks for response.
    I tried so many ways, but truly stuffed up, Current status: I can invoke fastboot screen, but am unable to link with my PC via ABN. I must have tried 100’s of different abn drivers and getting very frustrated now. My device Redmi4a is unlocked according to Mi-flash unlock.exe. As I can boot into fastboot, I am hoping my phone is only soft bricked. If I just could get the right driver for fastboot to detect my PC. I have tried Mi Flash and that showed “Error”
    10:32, Mar-11-2018

    Also tried minimal adb fastboot v1.4.2:
    adb server version (39) doesn’t match this client (36); killing…
    * daemon started successfully *
    but, with my limited experience that got me to a dead end
    10:35, Mar-11-2018

    sorry for late response to your post March 7th. I did not get any notification about yr posted reply and I was too busy stuffing up my phone and thus never checked back on this forum

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