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What does marcellus wallace looks like? To Siri!!!!!

This one is hilarious! Apple Paid and he Samuel L. Jackson did it! Good Samuel I guess that was NOW! or “Just a TV add” but you wanna be smart with Samuel J? This is what could happen to you in “REAL LIFE”. This is the Samuel we know 😉 Bad Samuel Boom Boom!!!

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Finally a real LED TV from LG

Finally a real LED TV from LG First there was CRT then came technologies like rate view, plasma and then came LCD and finally the so called LED TV. What we call LED is not LED it’s an LCD with LED backlist, yes surely it is better than just LCD TV, saves more power, better… Continue reading Finally a real LED TV from LG

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Motorola Vs Apple

While we fight over free flow of information and technology, apple and Motorola is going back in the court room claiming their Intellectual property.  Google authorized Motorola to seek an injunction against the iPhone 4S and iCloud. They are seeking an injunction against the iPhone 4S and the iCloud over a package of six patents previously… Continue reading Motorola Vs Apple

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The Giant Memory

Oh well when you buy the Swiss army one you get the knife free and maybe a “bomb” comes with the IBM 4K memory who knows! Shared by, twitter lturrentine

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Sony USB 3.0

Sony USB 3.0

The bigger the drive gets slower it feels like! There was a time when we used to be very happy having a 64 or 128 mb thumb drive and 512 was top of the line. We didnt even mind waiting for the 512 to fill up a few second more.
These metal flash drives use the latest USB spec to achieve up to 60MB/s read speeds on USB 3.0. The price is not out yet. They shall be coming in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB sizes
Source [TechCrunch]