My impossible list

My Impossible List!

To me it is a list of things that makes you want to live life even more. Happiness comes in relative ease, but I never shy away from all the things I think is really exciting and people around me thinks if i not have better to do. I always followed my impossible dreams and that bring me to today. What is life without challenges that makes you ask your self if you can do it or when will the time come.

One fine day I came across Joel Runyon’s blog “The Impossible List“, from that moment I knew I wanted to have one of my very own list and share it with the world. List is made of a bit of pride, ambition and lots of passion. Making this list makes me feel very excited, as if I am creating list of things I will look forward to do in life. Only thing more exciting then making this list is living the list 🙂

Fitness goal

  • Run 3 miles under 18 min
  • 20 dead hang pull-ups in 70 second
  • 100 Crunches under two minutes

Travel goal

  • machu picchu
  • amazon
  • dead sea
  • Cuba
  • Old City of Jerusalem
  • Great Barrier Reef
  • Mexico
  • Egypt

Adventure goal

  • Sky diving
  • scuba diving
  • Bungee jumping Again!
  • riding on the worlds biggest roller coaster
  • Everest Base Camp, Nepal Trekking
  • Learn to ride a bike (Yes, I dont know how to)
  • Live in an Island for a year
  • Spend a month in a ship
  • Fly in a balloon

Selfish List

  • Own a Supercar
  • Own a  luxury car
  • Live in a mansion with very high roof
  • Live in an island after I retire

Professional Goal

This is the most difficult one as working with information technology is my passion and my profession

  • Setup a successful International Information Technology Consultancy company
  • always make more money then my wife can spend

Most ambition item in my list

To change the way of our life for the better, maybe just for some years

Life grunts all your impossible lists and more as long as you give back time and pay it forward


2 thoughts on “My impossible list

  1. this incites me to write out my own impossible list 🙂 not surprising that quite a few items on the list will be common.

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