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Wifi blocking wallpapers from a different point of view, for enterprise users

Today I got real excited seeing this WiFi blocking wall paper block in Gizmodo. I see these wall papers giving us capability of having scalable network in an enterprise environment.

Most of the blogs I have come across is mainly about keeping home WiFi network single out of neighbor reach (security). This is a good thing, as it would  allow end users to have more control over where his/her data travels, and stay out of the noise created by neighbor’s wireless network, better throughput and freedom of using all available channels.

To deploy a 802.11 b/g wireless network in a home or office can be troublesome for various reasons. In an apartment like environment, you always have neighbors using up the all available channels (ironically you only have 3 non overlapping channels for 802.11b/g). When you finally manage to find a free channel someone will come and start using it and give you hard time with your performance. The demand for wireless network is growing; starting from your laptops, cell phones demands wireless channels extends to blue tooth, iPod, home theater, even up to your Xbox/ps3.

At business environment especially in school/university we have this proximity of classroom/office space which heavily requires quality WiFi signal for everything working in those rooms. Having so many wireless access points and wireless clients in such proximity making them work in perfection could be difficult. The challenge is to make all these devices talk in appropriate non overlapping channel without interference. I see these WiFi Blocking wallpaper as a gift from above in such scenario

This solution shall surely allow you to have more access point installation in a smaller area without having too much to worry about power and channel.

Diagram bellow explains how this can be archived

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Wifi wall paper in enterprise Enviromnet

Please feel free to make comments on the proposed solution, as I plan to try it out not in a very distant future.



10 thoughts on “Wifi blocking wallpapers from a different point of view, for enterprise users

    1. It is covered with geometrical tracings with conductive ink (ink containing silver particles). The silver crystals are arranged in such a way that they are able to block certain wireless frequencies, not least of which is the same frequency as a WiFI router.

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