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Munnar again!

lake, a photo by Saad Faruque on Flickr. This is what I call green!

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Beauty of Munnar

Silver Mountain, a photo by Saad Faruque on Flickr. Been to Munnar, kerala almost a year back! Its time to head back there again. Water dripping down from the hill making the mountain looks like silver

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The icy river

The icy river, a photo by Saad Faruque on Flickr. Via Flickr: The icy river at the beginning of summer! On the way to Leh from Manali, After Rotang pass.

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IMG_0182.jpg, a photo by Saad Faruque on Flickr. Via Flickr: Pangong lake

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Sunset at Ladakh

IMG_2797.jpg, a photo by Saad Faruque on Flickr. The light, sky and the cloud was perfect. I still remember being there

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Email collaboration for enterprises and Zimbra

When we think about email collaboration/unified messaging the first things comes into our mind is Microsoft exchange, probably not because they pioneered email collaboration but because they have great success of with all enterprise segments, more importantly the end users to felt the impact of email collaboration. Microsoft Exchange Server 4.0 was released at 1996… Continue reading Email collaboration for enterprises and Zimbra

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Best of Leh

Best of Leh, a set on Flickr. Via Flickr: A 10 day trip to Leh by road.

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Random Heart beat

Heart beat is your new encryption key! According to New Scientist every ones heartbeats in a very unique rhythm. It is so unique that there is no chancing of you beating the same beat twice. An electrocardiograph (ECG) would know the difference. They shall probably use your bit to create a secret key. This is… Continue reading Random Heart beat

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Microsoft Store India has been hacked! So did your Password!!!

Password! Password!! Password!!! What is worse then having a week password? Storing your password in clear text. Fortunately/Unfortunately It is nothing to do with you. WP Sauce reports an attack took place yesterday, with the EvilShadow team replacing the front page to Microsoft’s online India store with a page called evil.html. The site is still… Continue reading Microsoft Store India has been hacked! So did your Password!!!

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What is a SAN?

What is a SAN? A storage area network (SAN) is a dedicated high performance network provides access block level to Data. The in modern day data is stored in an array of hard disk drives or solid-state drive or a combination of both. This Storage area network is usually separated from the local area network for performance… Continue reading What is a SAN?