Change your IP

Change your IP

At times, network admins need to change their IP address, they need to do it fast and go back and forth with the configurations. They do so for troubleshooting, debugging, testing etc etc etc…

This tiny free tool is a useful solution for that. I like the look of it too.. it is simple and open source

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Finally a real LED TV from LG

Finally a real LED TV from LG First there was CRT then came technologies like rate view, plasma and then came LCD and finally the so called LED TV. What we call LED is not LED it’s an LCD with LED backlist, yes surely it is better than just LCD TV, saves more power, better… Continue reading Finally a real LED TV from LG

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Work from home

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Make your Favicon from your logo I just did a quick search on Favicon generator and this one works just perfect. Just open up your icon in a photoshop/gimp make a small squire out of the bit you would like your website favicon to look like and save it in JPG/PNG. Upload it and they will make a nice looking… Continue reading Make your Favicon from your logo

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Lite field camera LYTRO

This camera probably is one of those amazing product shall wow us all. Not un-useful as 3D cameras. Can’t wait to get my hands on them.  


Semantic Search

Keywords we use are tricky things, we all have our own, so does the search engines. The search engines contently work on figuring out what we mean by certain keyword, and it is difficult for them to understand the non native English speakers. So I thought may be I should look around to see how… Continue reading Semantic Search


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