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Open Source Hardware! Build your own design you can touch and interact

Open source software was born when software started to become expensive. All you needed was hardware and a complier and a group of people who was willing to share their work for free to the world provided code stays free in its re-distribution. We have come a long way since that first day. Today we all are using open source in some way or others and some using it more than the others.

Interaction with logic using just software and a computer limits our ability to interact and automate within visible 3D graphic and sound. Occasionally the software can recognize your voice and respond.

The birth and mass production of 3D printers changes a lot. It gives us the ability to share and re-produce and build on Open Source Hardware.

This recent ted talk from Arduino shows how much progress we have made in hardware and design innovation using Open Source hardware. This makes me ask why, should Sony or apple lead all design innovation?  There is so much we would like to have but just have to wait for the big guys to think it is feasible and can bring billion dollars before they makes a move on it.

Chinese has shown you can just copy hardware and rule the world. We software users have been working so long for software integration and automation. Imagine how much we can accomplish with hardware and design innovation. The next great innovation could be a design innovation with Open Source Hardware.

I am interested in seeing what comes out of open source hardware like Robotics and Renewable energy projects

Massimo Banzi: How Arduino is open-sourcing imagination


Marcin Jakubowski: Open-sourced blueprints for civilization

Source: ted global 2012

Open-sourcing the blueprints of civilization: Marcin Jakubowski on


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