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Service Solution and Product

Pretext: Working on a website for a company that sells information technology products, service and solution. They have this range of things they can do which needs to be visually presented, eventually lines has to be defined between products, service and solution for functional reasons,

So needed some clarification, and discussed with some of my friends

“product” is probably the simple one, but how do we draw the line between service and solution. So I went around asking, a friend of mine … and she said service is something you keep doing for your business and solution is something that u use to improve your business

This is how I think can be classified

Product = packaged can be sold

 Service = managing  process

Solution = Consultancy + Product + implementation

So then I ask why cant consultancy be a service?


One thought on “Service Solution and Product

  1. Here is my opinion:

    Product = Packaged can be sold
    Service = Managing Process
    Solution = Products + Integration + Service

    Consultancy is a service

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