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How to volume label (disk name) on windows and Linux of a (windows file-system, vfat)

This will only work if the disk portion is formatted on msdos file system with a label type dos Change volume label (disk name) on windows: Insert the disk on windows machine Option 1 Go to my computer and right click on the disk you want to re-name. Click on rename. Set new name


Discovering IP address on your Raspberry Pi (Raspbian)

In this tutorial, we shall be using network scanner to identify Raspberry Pis ip address using nmap and angry ip scanner and assign Raspberry Pi a fixed address. If you have configured your Raspberry Pi obtain ip address from DHCP server and would like it to have a static IP address, this tutorial is for you.… Continue reading Discovering IP address on your Raspberry Pi (Raspbian)

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Google gets Sparrow

CEO of Sparrow Dom Leca is very excited about joining with Google.. are u? If you have used it before you would know it’s a MAC email client, also works on iOS platform. Probably the only other app I would use after Outlook or MFE. It could be good news for windows and android users… Continue reading Google gets Sparrow