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Over the cloud-2

Over the cloud-2, a photo by Saad Faruque on Flickr. Via Flickr: Flying over the clouds with the perfect morning light. The second picture that came out well.

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Over the cloud

Over the cloud, a photo by Saad Faruque on Flickr. Via Flickr: Take a morning flight and look out the window. Sun is coming up making a beautiful orange horizon. Flying over this amazing cloud formation with the perfect light.

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Impossible bottle

One of my Impossible collection, A ship sailing in the sky and greeneries in the sky Impossible list

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Blue Earth

Blue Earth, a photo by Saad Faruque on Flickr. Via Flickr: Most Amazing High Definition Image of Earth – Blue Marble 2012 January 25, 2012 -Source NASA, shared under create common It just looks so peaceful had keep it in my album 😉

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Sunshine!, a photo by Saad Faruque on Flickr. Via Flickr: On the way to Pondi from Bangalore, the first Sun

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Solar Storm 2012

Solar storm is on our way It is time for one more 11-year solar cycle and “the solar storm”. (No, the world is not going to end) Solar Coronal Mass Ejection is moving towards us at 1,400 miles per second alongside a high solar proton even some calling is “proton storms” takes from 15 min… Continue reading Solar Storm 2012

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Beautiful world!

Yosemite HD from Project Yosemite on Vimeo. A beautiful world make you wanna take that long vacation, you just got back from? or or a long due one. For now I guess I gotta happy with just enjoying this Video. This video is a collaboration between Sheldon Neill and Colin Delehanty. All timelapses were shot on… Continue reading Beautiful world!

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Cloud HDR

Cloud HDR, a photo by Saad Faruque on Flickr. Awakening! Via Flickr: The cloud monster! Awakening

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Clouds HDR

Clouds HRD, a photo by Saad Faruque on Flickr. A pathway to tkey Via Flickr: A path to the sky

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Helix Nebula Seen in Infrared

Zooming in from the constellation Aquarius, the Helix Nebula — NGC 7293 — comes into view The Helix Nebula located in the constellation Aquarius.  The estimated distance is about 700 light-years. Yes this is the one often been referred to as the Eye of God on the Internet. More on Helix Nebula Video: ESO/VISTA/J. Emerson/S. Brunier/A. Fujjii/Digitized Sky Survey 2 (Acknowledgment: Cambridge Astronomical Survey… Continue reading Helix Nebula Seen in Infrared