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Office Email after hours?

People who feels obliged to check their mail after work finally got some one talking for them. A new Brazilian law says email after work out is = overtime.

I guess the systems and network administrators can also claim their over time when they are passively monitoring fault and system health through their SMS/email ;-).


RIO DE JANEIRO—Brazilian workers who find themselves answering work emails on their smartphones after the end of their shifts can qualify for overtime under a new law.

The new legislation was approved by President Dilma Rousseff last month.

It says that company emails to workers are equivalent to orders given directly to the employee. Labour attorneys told the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper this makes it possible for workers answering emails after hours to ask for overtime pay.

This issue has come up in the United States as well. In May, Chicago policeman Jeffrey Allen filed a class-action suit against the city, asking for unpaid overtime compensation.

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