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Howto pdnsd on redhat/centos from Source

What is pdnsd pdnsd is a cache only name server can be used independently or alongside your authoritative name server for faster name lookup. pdnsd does not aim to be a complete name server implementation, such as the BIND. It is optimized for caching, and you can only specify a small subset of all dns… Continue reading Howto pdnsd on redhat/centos from Source


LVM made easy

Every time I need to setup a new template, add a disk or extend one I have to go back to LVM-HOWTO I’m tired of finding out the bits I need, so I thought I would put in on a note and share This document is for people with prior LVM experience, not an alternative… Continue reading LVM made easy

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Free Clone build of Red Hat enterprise Linux

Once upon a time (not so long ago) Red Hat Binary distribution used to free. Then they changed their business model, decided to charge for the binary and started of the fedora project where free Red Hat binary took off. Soon after Red Hat, removed freely available Linux distribution from circulation and asked us to… Continue reading Free Clone build of Red Hat enterprise Linux