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WeBWorK with Moodle

What is WeBWorK ? WeBWorK is an open-source web based homework system for math and sciences courses. WeBWorK is supported by the MAA (Mathematical association of America) and the NSA (National Science Foundation) and comes with a NPL (National Problem Library) of over 20,000 homework problems. Webwork can be used for college algebra, discrete mathematics,… Continue reading WeBWorK with Moodle

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SquidGuard implementation for enterprise network

SquidGuard is a content filtering tool used in enterprise network to control/filter sites that end users/hosts can access. SquidGuard is built to work as a plug-in for squid. It uses black lists and url redirection technology to make this content filter work. There are many free/paid black lists available in the internet, that SquidGuard can… Continue reading SquidGuard implementation for enterprise network

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Alfresco Document management system is open source

Alfresco is a Document management system, also known as enterprise content management system. While products like google docs and live office making a lot of noise in the document editing market and products like dropbox helping us save and share our documents and other type of files. There is an open market for enterprise class… Continue reading Alfresco Document management system is open source