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How to volume label (disk name) on windows and Linux of a (windows file-system, vfat)

This will only work if the disk portion is formatted on msdos file system with a label type dos Change volume label (disk name) on windows: Insert the disk on windows machine Option 1 Go to my computer and right click on the disk you want to re-name. Click on rename. Set new name

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How to extend your LVM disk

How to extend a LVM This document is a continuation of LVM made easy, my previous blog This document is on LVM2 and assuming your Linux distribution supports LVM2 This document also assumes you have LVM setup out of /dev/sdb Volume group name is “mail-storage-group” Logical volume name is “mail-storage-lv” And we shall attempt to… Continue reading How to extend your LVM disk

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How to securely and effectively erase a disk with DD

At times we need to clean up our disks for whatever reason, like installation errors, privacy, security or to clean up an infected file you need a special deleting procedure. Tools like regular delete only remove the inode of the file, which does not touch the data/contents. It is possible to recover these deleted files… Continue reading How to securely and effectively erase a disk with DD