I started my career at en early age, when I was 19. I always enjoyed figuring out how systems worked which eventually led to help building them, troubleshooting them and eventually designing and managing them


Professional Experience: (Saad Faruque)


IT Manager, Stonehill International School                         (Aug 2008 to Present)

http://www.stonehill.in , IB world school (scale: 1000 users, 300 stations and 500 mobile clients)


Job Profile:

  • Direct and manage complete IT systems and operation for scalable integrated environment addressing operations and education needs
  • Technical team building for ensuring sustainable developing human resource starting recruiting, provides in house training and followed by role delegation, supporting with procedures and guidelines
  • Technology planning and budgeting for integration, expansion and hardware/software maintains

Technology highlights:

  • Systems and Network administration: Windows and Linux OS, tire three data centre with virtualization and storage, redundant LAN serving, voice, data, CCTV, PA, unified communication system, systems monitoring, and backup-recovery
  • Others services: Helpdesk management, systems-security management, enterprise antivirus, internet content filtering, learning and school management system.
Technical environment: 
As Stonehill we have a unified network infrastructure, which was initially designed by me. I leaded the implementation process and upgraded it in a later point of time.
The network infrastructure hosts multiple VLAN to support, Data, voice and video calls, CCTV, access control and wireless infrastructure.
The core of the network is having access control, backbone redundancy over fiber optic, the distribution part is supporting PoE and network admission control for wireless, integrated with our active directory.
Data Center: Our data center is the place where we use some of our most interesting and advanced technology.
Having a fully redundant power supply ensures high power navigability. All our servers are also equipped with redundant power supply.
Ether channel and redundent switches provides redundant backbone connectivity within the data center as well as with the core network. multiple SAN storage provides storage level backup to recover against any hardware failure and human error.
We also use amanda backup engine for a second level of disaster recovery on additional NAS storage.
Xen Virtualizationis deployed to maximize the use of hardware, storage and network resources. This also provides high availability and scalability.
Nagious Enterprise monitoring system is used to actively monitor client and server systems status and performance. Helps increase downtime and optimize resource allocation and performance
Servers: Supporting both windows and Linux server environmental. Applications such as windows update, enterprise antivirus, content filtering, file and print sharing, email and collaboration to provide highest up time and maximize operational and educational  productivity
Unified communication: IP Telephony with asterisk, email collaboration with zimbra and enterprise ldap authentication provides the base of unified communication at stonehill.
Email, calendar, ip phone and address books are available and integrated from desktop computer to mobile/handheld devices. This is backed up by a solid enterprise wireless backbone with central authentication.
Learning managment solution: Moodle as an Learning management/delivery system is used at the organisation, connected with the centtral authentication
Other prioitory software: School management package.  Our propitiatory school management package
Help desk management: ORTS
Security systems: 

 Professional Experience: 

IT Consultant, Council of International Schools                                  (Oct 2007- Aug 2008)

http://www.cios.org (scale: can 1000 users, 300 stations and 500 mobile clients)

Project responsibilities:

  • Started working at the planning stage on development and setup IT infrastructure and integrating technology into operations and education
  • Budgeting initial capital investment and five year expansion and maintenance cycle followed by sourcing hardware/software and systems integrators for supervised implementation
  • Ensuring long term viability by documenting the system, preparing guidelines and recruiting systems/network administrators and IT support engineers

IT Manager, International School Dhaka                                              (Aug 2005- Aug 2008)

http://www.isdbd.org, IB world school (scale 800 users, 300 stations and 500 mobile clients)

Job Profile:

  • Redesign and manage complete technology infrastructure and IT operation for scalability, addressing operations and education needs; technology planning and budgeting for integration, expansion and hardware/software maintains
  • Technical team building for competent human, provides in house training and eventually role delegation by preparing procedures and guidelines

Technology highlights:

  • Systems and Network administration: Windows and Linux OS, redundant LAN serving, data, voice, email systems, backup-recovery
  • Others services: Systems-security management, enterprise antivirus, learning and school management system


Head of Network Operations Center. ISP, MTL BD                                             (2004-2005)  

Internet service provider http://www.mtlbd.net  (scale 2,000 clients, 4 POP)

Job profile:

  • Re-design ISP infrastructure for scalability and sustainability
  • Supervise network operation centre and supervising technical team with systems and network administration, data centre helpdesk management and demonstrating working knowledge in system troubleshooting, training and supervising
  • Plan and deploy expansions and Develop new solutions and services; introduced citywide fiber optic backbone

Technology highlights:

  • OS and supporting systems: FreeBSD, Linux, MySQL
  • Network: Routing and switching, VSAT links, Point-point radio link, fiber-optic backbone, link redundancy, bandwidth control, iptables firewall; and ppp, PPPoE for client access


Network Administrator                                                                                                (2002 – 2004)

Senior Officer, IT Department, BRAC Bank Limited

http://www.bracbank.com(scale 12 brunches, 600 users, 400 workstations)

Scope of work:

  • Maintain and expand banks inter-brunch connectivity and support for systems and network troubleshooting
  • Systems administration of operating systems and backup, server hardware maintenance
  • Rollout new brunch IT infrastructure such as server, switching, connectivity, software, printer and backup etc. by meeting deadlines

Technology highlights:

  • Network administration: LAN; WAN, Wireless link; DDN; routing, link redundancy and firewall with CISCO PIX
  • Systems administration: OS: Windows NT, Linux, NT Directory service, system backup, webmail system with sendmail and IMAP Lotus domino server

My early career 1998-2002*

Systems Administrator (2000 – 2002)


ISP division of Tetterode (BD) Ltd. (Internet service provider)


Systems Administrator (2000 – 2002)

Neural Systems Ltd, Bangladesh (training institute)


Support engineer (2002)

Mitsui & Co. Ltd. Bangladesh (Japanese Consultancy)


Support Engineer(trainee) (1998 – 1999)

Tetterode (Bangladesh) Ltd.

Dhaka, Bangladesh (Publishing and printing equipment)


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