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Setting up Tor socks Proxy on Raspberry Pi

The goal is to setup your Raspberry Pi as a tor socks Proxy and help you setup a  desktop web browser to use the tor socks proxy. This shall allow you to browse anonymously without having to install tor on your desktop machine. You may use other applications with this tor socks proxy installed on… Continue reading Setting up Tor socks Proxy on Raspberry Pi

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Megaupload Shutdown, Anonymous Strikes Back

The largest criminal copyright cases on Internet piracy has seized the Web site Megaupload and charged seven people connected with it. Anonymous strikes back on Megaupload Revange.  The hacker collective that calls itself Anonymous attacked the Web sites of the Justice Department, Universal Music, Record Label EMI,  French copyright authority HADOPI , FBI, and several major entertainment companies and trade groups in… Continue reading Megaupload Shutdown, Anonymous Strikes Back