Over 13 years of work experience at various administrative and managerial level, I demonstrated my skill sets in the following area

Techno Managerial skills: (Saad Faaruque)

I demonstrate strong leadership, organizational, communication and project management skills in my line of work. Management skills I practice in my line of work:

  • Supervise and motivate technical team and by demonstrating strong working knowledge. Focus on better integration of technology in business with my systems analysis and preparing/refining system policies and procedures
  • Believing in team work, having passion and taking ownership and responsibility with integrity and work ethics.
  • Successful work/role delegation by training and team performing monitoring.
  • Implementation of professional development programs to create resource backup team sustainability and staff motivation
  • Analyzing and understanding business needs, future planning, technology budgeting procurement control
  • Effective communication with good negotiation and presentation skills
  • Appropriate resource allocation, time management, planning, focused to the goal and meeting deadline
  • Use critical thinking and problem solving skills to find solutions and troubleshooting

 Technology skills:

I work and demonstrate strong systems integration and troubleshooting skills in the following area:

  • Data centre: virtualization, SAN, system monitoring, environment monitoring and control, power backup, redundancy, system backup and recovery, server and service monitoring technology with escalation matrix.
  • Server: directory service(ldap/ads), radius, operating system and core services: OS: Windows and Linux, update management, enterprise antivirus, Internet proxy,
  • Network: LAN Switching, Advanced routing, bandwidth control, firewall, NAT, web content filtering, wireless network
  • Unified communication and Collaboration: with Email, task, calendar sharing, document sharing systems and VoIP with video calls, IM, File and print sharing,
  • Others core skills: scripting: PHP and Bash; security and network analysis tools for system auditing and network troubleshooting, web servers, database management, mail server, spam and virus control, SSH, VPN.
  • Brief list of areas I worked earlier in my career, skills might not be current: OS: FreeBSD, Sun Solaris and MS Windows (NT, 2000); Networking: PPPoE, VSAT (Satellite link), DVB over IP, frame relay, Internet Dial-up Systems over PSTN using PPP; Point to point Radio equipments: UC-Warless, BridgeNet, Speed LAN, and Smart Bridges; Other services: SAMBA, legacy webmail systems Internet relay chat (ircd), chat room bots; Server Hardware: IBM netfinity, eSerice. Dell Business servers, CISCO: entry level Routes and Switch, CISCO PIX; Programming: C++ and Pascal.

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