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Linux Kernel 3.3 reaches 15 million lines of code

Kernel 3.3 reaches 15 million lines of code when 3.0 is promoted to long term kernel. This number includes the blank lines, comments, , documentation, scripts. The kernel hit 10 million line mark in October 2008. The majority if the code is for the drivers over 50%,  followed by arch, sound, network and library. Linux 3.0, has… Continue reading Linux Kernel 3.3 reaches 15 million lines of code

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Internet, acceptable usage

The price of internet has become a cheaper then ever, how ever it is still not so inexpensive resource in South Asia. On the other hand internet contents has become very heavy (compared to old days) as well as internet applications has become real time. Use of internet is not limited to information and education any more. In… Continue reading Internet, acceptable usage

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Asterisk callme!

Something interesting happen today. We have an Asterisk voip system with Auto paging in a timed interval. The paging stopped working. Tried logging in the web console, and getting kicked out and prompted for login at any click after the successful authentication.  Which sounded familiar… Yes it is out of disk space! 130gb space is… Continue reading Asterisk callme!