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Wifi blocking wallpapers from a different point of view, for enterprise users

Today I got real excited seeing this WiFi blocking wall paper block in Gizmodo. I see these wall papers giving us capability of having scalable network in an enterprise environment. Most of the blogs I have come across is mainly about keeping home WiFi network single out of neighbor reach (security). This is a good… Continue reading Wifi blocking wallpapers from a different point of view, for enterprise users

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Via Flickr: A simple workflow for a document management system Read the full blog What is ECM? Document workflow work in an ECM?

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Email collaboration for enterprises and Zimbra

When we think about email collaboration/unified messaging the first things comes into our mind is Microsoft exchange, probably not because they pioneered email collaboration but because they have great success of with all enterprise segments, more importantly the end users to felt the impact of email collaboration. Microsoft Exchange Server 4.0 was released at 1996… Continue reading Email collaboration for enterprises and Zimbra

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What is a SAN?

What is a SAN? A storage area network (SAN) is a dedicated high performance network provides access block level to Data. The in modern day data is stored in an array of hard disk drives or solid-state drive or a combination of both. This Storage area network is usually separated from the local area network for performance… Continue reading What is a SAN?

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An Introduction to Moodle for business:

Moodle can be used in many types of environments such as in a learning delivery tool in educational institutes, and for business settings  as a community and collaboration tool, can be used for compliance and training. The modular design of Moodle allows it to address wider range of business issues then other most closed source… Continue reading An Introduction to Moodle for business:

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What Is SOPA? SOPA protest

You probably know about SOPA after today. Many influential sites like Reddit, Wikipedia, WordPress, flicker are participating in a protest. you probably would have notice many of this site are having a partial, user optional or complete blackout. SOPA is an anti-piracy bill working its way through Congress, On Jan 24th, Congress will vote to pass internet… Continue reading What Is SOPA? SOPA protest

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Hello world!

Hello word! Today is the day I  start working on my website! It is time for me to publish my portfolio and my work, also a little bit of blogging when I can 🙂