Raspberry Pi

Setting up deluge with webui (Deluge-web) on a Raspberry Pi

Testing your always on torrent download box setup:

You may try any torrent as you wish as this point for testing. However for the completeness of this tutorial, I am providing the torrent link I tested the system with.

Loading a torrent using .torrent file on Deluge:

We shall try to download Raspbian Jessie image from the following link.https://downloads.raspberrypi.org/raspbian_latest.torrent

By clicking this link should automatically download the torrent file. Now open from deluge-web, by clicking on “+ Add“. Once the add torrents window open click on “+File”, Browse and select the downloaded file. Click on add to open it.


Once you click on it the torrent shall automatically load.


Finally when you click add again, it starts downloading.


Loading a torrent using magnet link on Deluge:

Downloading torrent using magnet link is a little different than using a .torrent file. Here is an example site, Once you get into it, click on the magnet icon, if you hover over shall say “Download via magnet link”. right click (left click you your mouse is left handed) ) on  magnet icon and select copy link address from the option menu.


Deluge-web Click on “+ Add“. Once the add torrents window open click on “+url”, ) Once url is button is selected, the copy field is automatically filled in on the box called “URL”. , click on it and paste the copied URL. Click add “ADD”. The file should start downloading.Deluge-web-add-from-magnet-link


Have fun with Deluge-web.


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