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Setting up deluge with webui (Deluge-web) on a Raspberry Pi

Configuring Deluged for your download location:

By deluge sets a download path which is same as your system disk. Which is most likely don’t not have sufficient space to download and hundreds of gigs of data. We have a separate tutorial, which we mentioned earlier that shall guide you to install an external disk to your Raspberry Pi. In this tutorial we shall show how to configure Deluged to use a different download directory from the deluge-web. We shall use the folder mounted in the earlier tutorial /nas for this exercise

Earlier we have configured all services with the user “pi” the folder we shall create must also have read-write permission for the user pi.

Creating Torrent folder on Raspberry Pi external Storage:

Option a: File system permission with msdos/vfat Option b: File system permission with ext3/ext4

Follow either of these steps, based on the file system you have mounted

Option a: Caution If it is a msdos/vfat file system, we shall make sure that it is mounted with group ownership of  “users” and umask of “0002”. If it is an automounted folder as described in the tutorial mount usb storage fat on raspberry pi, unless you have already done so, make sure you have the following entry on your /etc/fstab, and reboot the system.

LABEL=32GB       /nas      vfat    umask=0002,gid=users        0       0

by setting the umask to 0002 we give both owner and group read+write permission to the msods/vfat mounted file system. We also set the gid to “users” allows the group users to be group owner of the mounted folder. As the user “pi” is the member of the group “users”, user “pi” shall inherit read-write permission to any folder under “/nas”.

After rebooting the system create this /nas/torrent-download folder with the following command

mkdir /nas/torrent-download

Setting up deluge as a service so that it starts on reboot

Option b:

sudo mkdir /nas/torrent-download

If it is an ext3/ext4 file system e.g. formatted on linux you shall need to change ownership of the folder /nas/torrent-download to pi and continue on creating the folders. Which automatically gives any daemon running as “pi” read-write access to the “/nas/torrent-download” folder.

sudo chwon pi /nas/torrent-download

Continue after Option a or Option b:

Now create the rest of the folders as the user “pi”

mkdir /nas/torrent-download/downloading
mkdir /nas/torrent-download/completed
mkdir /nas/torrent-download/auto-download
mkdir /nas/torrent-download/backup-torrent
Setting Torrent folder on on Deluged using Deluged-web/webui:

Lets login to the deluge-web console from your web browser. Once logged in go to preference from the top menu. It shall open up the preference options, highlighting the “downloads“, under “foldersEnable the option and set the folder path as followingdeluge-web-Preferences-Downloads

Set “Download to” text box to: “/nas/torrent-download/downloading”
Enable “Mode to completed to” and set the text box to: “/nas/torrent-download/completed”
Enable “copy .torrents files to:” and set the text box to: “/nas/torrent-download/backup-torrent” Enable “Auto add .torrents from:” and set the text box to: “/nas/torrent-download/auto-download”

Once you are done enabling the above options and filling up the folder names press ok and we are ready to download torrents.


2 thoughts on “Setting up deluge with webui (Deluge-web) on a Raspberry Pi

  1. hi,i have a problem.after i logged in :8112.the Host would never online no no mater how maney times i clicked the start daemon button.what’s wrong ?

  2. hi,i have a problem.after i logged in :8112.the Host would never online no no mater how maney times i clicked the start daemon button.what’s wrong ?

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