Raspberry Pi

Setting up deluge with webui (Deluge-web) on a Raspberry Pi

Deluge webui setup and client access:

For now onwards we shall only use the id “pi” to login to raspberry. All configuration and the service shall run as the user “pi”

To Start the configuration use the following command:


running deluge-web shall run a http server with the deluge-web client on the port 8112 on your Raspberry Pi’s IP address. By default deluge-web runs on the foreground, we have address “&” sign at the end of the command to put it on background. Can use “ctrl-c” to break out of the script, incase you have decided to run it on the ground. Please also note that we have not lunched the deluged daemon yet.

After we run the deluge-web. Open up a web browser and access the deluge web by entering the ip address of the raspberry pi followed by the port address 8112. In this case the ip address of raspberry Pi is so the url is


You shall be promoted for a password, the default password is “deluge”. As soon as you login you shall be prompted to change the password.Once you are done with that


If you have some other application using the same port you may want to change the port. To see if some other application is using that port 8112 use the following command

sudo netstat -ntlp

To change the default port edit this file. This file will be automatically created only after deluge-web was initiated.

sudo pkill deluge-web
nano ~/.config/deluge/web.conf

Edit the port to a different value, something above 1000. Save the file and start deluge-web again


Try accessing the client from the browser again with the right IP and port

Once logged in you  shall see the following


Select the host (if the deluged is not already running) and Start daemon shall appear on the bottom. Click on Start Daemon and wait for a few seconds.


Once the status of the Host shows on line keep the host name selected and click on connect.


Congratulations, you are now connected to Deluge torrent server using the deluge-web client.


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