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Multimedia Server/digital asset management for Schools

Schools multimedia management requirement:

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Today’s school depends on multimedia content for their learning delivery. Multimedia content are pictures, movies, music, podcasts, presentations, interactive tutorials etc. Schools collect multimedia content from various internet sources. Teachers also create a lot of  content by themselves. As education systems start relying on more multimedia content, the size and number of elements of this content starts growing rapidly.

The challenge is to manage this content in a system where the content can be stored in a catalog, which can be searched, previewed, and published. Multimedia files are usually large in size. When stored in a network file system, users tend to create multiple copies of these files, which add to the storage and retrieval problem.  Usually users responsible for managing these files cannot maintain a complex manual workflow to maintain a proper catalog system; which makes multimedia repository on a network file system, almost un-searchable and it takes up many times the minimum space that is required.

Solution to digital asset management with ResourceSpace

ResourceSpace is an Open Source digital asset management server/multimedia server. It’s a web based application, which allows users to upload content with proper cataloging, using a simple workflow, resulting in content that can be searched, shared and published.  Such a system can serve institutions to manage all their digital assets/multimedia content.

Resource Space is a single repository for your entire digital content, with an easy way to catalogue and control your organization’s access.

ResourceSpace can be used to store and catalog multimedia and other digital assets.

ResourceSpace comes with

  • Web interface with Intuitive design, Works with all major browsers
  • Rich search interface
  • Advanced cataloging
  • Auto previewing, conversion with audio video players
  • Quick and easy search with advance search options and Intelligent Ordering
  • Supports collaboration; users can contribute or make request for content
  • Publication of content directly to youtube, flicker, wordpress,  joomla and more
  • Supports various reports on the content, search trends etc.
  • Batch file editing and uploading with HTML5 interface
  • Supports various access levels based on users, group etc.
  • Can be integrated with your central authentication system/LDAP
  • Built on Open Source Open Standard with no licensing Cost
  • ResourceSpace is a modular application, supports external plugins
  • Supports Multilanguage interfaces

As it is a web application, all these features are accessible from the organization’s LAN or over the internet as per the institutions requirement.

A School with digital asset management:

With a digital asset management system like ResourceSpace deployed, the institute can  have their multimedia content cataloged based for example on audio, video, and image; grade level; and for different subject areas like, language, math, science, history etc.

A teacher is able to search and pull out content, based on required criteria using a simple search interface, and use it as a part of classroom activities, embed it into the institute’s leaning management system, or assign it to students to review as an assignment.

A teacher can collect content from the internet or create their own content, catalog and upload it to the digital asset management system.  Student produced multimedia content can also be cataloged and uploaded to this digital asset  management system. This student created content can be accessed and published as a part of student’s portfolio or as a generic example of student work for future classes.

How to deploy your Digital asset management system, ResourceSpace

ResourceSpace can be downloaded and deployed on your institution’s Server system (Data center) or on the public cloud based on your internet bandwidth and server resources availability.  ResourceSpace is an Open Source product which is built on open standards and requires no licensing fee.   ResourceSpace is also available as a cloud Service from Montala.

If you are an institute with sufficient internet bandwidth for all your classroom multimedia needs, you may choose to host your ResourceSpace server on the cloud. However cloud setup may require additional storage space as well as an additional download data package from your hosting service provider, depending on your multimedia data demand and usage.  In a cloud hosted solution, you pay monthly as you go for your hosted ResourceSpace.

If you are an institute with limited internet access, hosting ResourceSpace in house is a good option. Your LAN connectivity should be sufficient for your entire multimedia requirement. You may take advantage of inexpensive storage to host large volume of multimedia content.  In a locally installed system, you may need to invest in hardware for the resource space server and your IT team should be able to manage the system with minimum external support.

For ResourceSpace implementation and managed service for your school, educational institution or other business you may contact us directly at or visit and These companies are run by a team of people who have long experience with the education industry and who can help you install and configure your server to or cloud based system for your institutional needs.

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