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Learning Management System with Moodle for International Schools

What is Moodle

Moodle is a complete Learning Management System (LMS) /E-Learning platform for educational institutions of any size or type. Moodle LMS is used in classroom based learning delivery, in remote instructor led training, in a virtual classroom environment or for self-paced courses delivered over the web or from a school server.

LMS Need of an International School

In an international school, Moodle can be used to publish lesson content and assignments for the students to use in class or at home for homework or review. Moodle can also be used for delivering quizzes, collecting on-time assignments, and use for collaboration with other students. Moodle has a reporting function which can be used to monitor student progress. Parents can review students’ progress and classroom activities.

Average faculty turnover of an international school is usually 2-3 years, this creates gap in the institutional knowledge. When using Moodle as an LMS platform, an international school can retain records of courses, student activities over the years in Moodle database and course archives; this helps with the continuation of the curriculum and curriculum resources.  New faculties can utilize these records to farther develop and refine the deliverable or as a reference. This is also a converse for the faculty as they can bring in and take a copy of contents they developed between schools, as Moodle is an open standard product and widely used in international Schools. Schools with multiple branches can use Moodle as a way to stabilize content delivery across a number of different locations.

Moodle is an open source open standard product.  A growing number of schools are adopting Moodle to manage their curriculum content; therefore a growing number of teachers are able to create and deliver lessons using the Moodle platform.

How we can help you with Moodle

Our team has many years of experience deploying Moodle in an international school setting.

We can help you with Moodle installation, configuration, integration for central authentication and with other school applications, training and managed service to ensure the up time of the Learning Management platform.

We provide managed services on our deployed Moodle system with that includes proactive monitoring, technical support, update and upgrade, backup and recovery.

We also provide Moodle as a remotely hosted service for schools that wish to access the software over the web, thereby saving the school the cost of hosting the service on a local school server.

You may contact me directly for Moodle related services or visit and


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