Do Not Track / DNT with google Chrome

Finally Google has included support for the Do Not Track. For those who do not know; it’s a privacy setting which aims to help users opt out from being tracked across web sites. This has been introduced in its latest Chrome developer build, which was released on SEPTEMBER 13, 2012. I am not sure when it will be available as a part of standard release (which means you can start using it).

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Firefox 4, Internet Explorer 9, and Safari 5.1 all support Do Not Track. Microsoft is promising from IE 10 it will enable this DNT by default.

Do Not Track — which aims to help users opt out of being tracked across Web sites for the purposes of targeted advertising — is contentious and still somewhat theoretical. But since Chrome is close to becoming the world’s most-used browser, if it’s not already, its support for DNT is pretty important.

Having said all that it’s not clear what sites and advertisers have to do in response to DNT being turned on.

Privacym DNT, do not track
thanks to Unhindered by Talent’s

The advertisers need to figure out how they plan to play DNT. After all advertisers are “just trying to learn about you so they can target ads”. However the same information can be used for anything, and may be they are being used.

The users probably won’t have a choice or a say for now

“If you are not paying for something, you are not the customer, you are the product being sold. “

-Andrew Lewis


2 thoughts on “Do Not Track / DNT with google Chrome

  1. I’ve never really been bothered by internet privacy. I always click ‘yes’ when programs ask to send status reports back to the developer, most of my social networking profiles are 100% public, and I don’t bother trying to block tracking. Never seemed to do any harm, I don’t think I really have anything to worry about. In fact I’ve actually found good deals in targeted ads, and if it’s something I’m looking for already I usually buy it. Takes some of the work out for me.

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