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Kim Dotcom Sings, creating history!

He is out and kicking and making some noise which sounds kinda cool, see it yourself.

War is not over yet, looks like he is ready for a fight too.

I was never a big fan of online file vaults/cyberlockers. I like torrent better, but then looks like very body else like to have a cloud vault and share it with friends. Services like dropbox are use full. However I surely would like to see him come out of these cheers to

My earlier blog on megaupload shutdown

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2 thoughts on “Kim Dotcom Sings, creating history!

  1. My opinion, the world pacified to fast and not we’re pretty much fighting an uphill battle against those we put in power and the institutions they’ve created to protect other institutions that are in the interest of the government. It’s a good time we live in to question everything and really put forth the ideals we have forgotten or taken for granted.

    Also people keep claiming ownership of the internet by making us pay for it like they’re offering the service. Like what’s up with that?

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