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Body powered fuel cell to run a chip on your Brain

In the meantime at MIT researchers are testing out a fuel cell that runs on blood sugar (glucose). The fuel cell is fused with a silicon chip. This chip is for your brain. This can eventually be a part of integrated circuits.

Glucose fuel cell idea comes from the 1970s, originally proposed to power the heart pacemaker, an idea never saw the day light as lost to the lithium-ion batteries.

In this fuel cell a platinum catalyst embedded in the chip strips electrons from glucose, mimicking the activity of cellular enzymes. Platinum has a proven record of long-term biocompatibility within the body. The fuel cell can generate up to hundreds of microwatts which is enough to power an ultra-low-power and clinically useful neural implant.
Lights of ideas

In a matter of years, the technology could be used to power neural implants in the brains of patients with spinal cord injuries. The immediate goal is to help them regain control of limbs which, due to their injuries, they are no longer able to control.

The potentials are enormous can be used as input-output device to interact with the technology world. A step closer to be cyborgs!

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