Moodle Integration

In this post we will discuss the steps to integrate Moodle with LDAP. In our case we are using 389DS as our LDAP server. Please follow the steps below for the integration

  1. First enable the Authentication plugin. To do so navigate to Site administration–>Plugins–>Authentication–>Manage authentication as shown in the screen shot below

2. You will see another screen where you have to enable the LDAP server plugin as shown in image below

3. Once the plugin is enabled you need to click on the settings link on the same page as shown in the image above. You will see the LDAP server setting page where you can configure the LDAP server details. Please check the configurable options below

  • Host URL: Here you have to provide the LDAP server ip or hostname in this format ldap:// you can also provide multiple LDAP server by delimiting the server with ‘;’ e.g

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