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Blue Earth the other side

Blue Earth the other side, a photo by Saad Faruque on Flickr. Via Flickr: Eastern Hemisphere – Blue Marble 2012 Responding to public demand, NASA scientists created a companion image to the wildly popular ‘Blue Marble’ released last week (January 25, 2012). Had to make a copy of this one too… just keep it… Continue reading Blue Earth the other side

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Urban car 300 km or 185 miles between refuels for 2 USD Watts Up With That? This seems like an eco-dream come true, a car the runs on air developed in India. I’ve seen stories on this since 2008, but have yet to see the car hit market. Now the claim is in August 2012.… Continue reading

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Metallica 2011 Press

Metallica 2011 Press, a set on Flickr. Love Metallica. They came down for F1. Finally got to see them. Felt like a wait for a life time. Via Flickr: Metallica @Bangalore 2011

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An Introduction to Moodle for business:

Moodle can be used in many types of environments such as in a learning delivery tool in educational institutes, and for business settings  as a community and collaboration tool, can be used for compliance and training. The modular design of Moodle allows it to address wider range of business issues then other most closed source… Continue reading An Introduction to Moodle for business: