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Alfresco vs Googledoc

Alfresco and google doc / google app comparison

A client of ours come up with a request to do a full document management and collaboration implementation with google doc.

We compared it with alfresco document management system and did a bit of research and this is what we came up with:

How does alfresco compares with Alfresco?

What is google doc.

  • Google Docs is one of many cloud computing document-sharing services
  • Google provide online storage repository various document type
  • Google doc as a collaborative tool supports almost real time collaboration between many users
  • Google doc also support connectors (share point like) to edit document through Microsoft office

Special Note on data security issue

Data security issues and national interests mean that on-line document storage, and processing can be unsuitable for use by governments or commercial organisations. Especially so where sensitive or confidential data is being stored, edited or shared, etc. on systems and infrastructure that are outsourced and shared with many other organisations, individuals, users.

On March 10, 2009, Google reported, for example, that a bug in Google Docs had allowed unintended access to some private documents. It was believed that 0.05% of all documents stored via the service were affected by the bug. Google claims the bug has now been fixed.[34]

Other feature status available with alfresco document management

  1. Can google doc be integrated with corporate LDAP server? Yes, windows ADS for now
  2. Can administrator search and access private document repository non intrusively? No, can only access by assigning permission to a different user (before deleting the account)
  3. Can administrator archive and backup users document? No
  4. Does it support document dash board? No
  5. Can organization, through administration publish a global or group based document repository? Probably not
  6. Can google doc repository be integrated to a workflow? No
  7. Task assignments based on work flow? No
  8. Record management? No
  9. Global tag, category? No
  10. Additional metadata/aspect? No
  11. Dependent on internet connectivity? Yes

Find the complete presentation attached: Alfresco-Documentmanagement-Introduction provides installation and integration services for alfresco

read more on alfresco


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