Turnkey Virtual Appliance

Turnkey provides ready to go linux based open source appliances.  As they prepare the appliance for in the virtual infrastructure of your choice and get the opensource applications up and running for free. While you have your options to deploy them anywhere, they provides you with paid backup and migration service to the cloud as well as the cloud servers.

This could save lots of time money and complexity out of small and medium enterprise deployment of these applications. Also ensure maintenance in a minimum recurring cost in the long run. The cloud monitoring system is very useful in compared to other clouded services.

I have to admin the choice of applications they have are very interesting as well. The upcoming ones and the one already have a significant impact in the market.  This is probably as close as we can get to subscribe to server as a service model where the client do not get billed by the number of users and have their option to scale their infrastructure they actually use more.

My favorite in their lists are , domain controller, Zimbra, drupal, wordpress, File sharing, Magento, redmine, ruby on rails,  moodle, OTRS,  PrestaShop

This article is brought you by http://xoeis.com understanding business process and providing with open standard solutions as per you business need.

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I do technology integration for living. I enjoy traveling and taking photos and listening to music.

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